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Antenna Reviews

Indoor Antenna

An indoor antenna is simple to install and adjust. Just set your antenna on the entertainment center and connect to your TV. Indoor antennas are more susceptible to indoor radio interference from building materials and other wireless signals.

Outdoor Antenna
Larger TV antennas can also pick up weaker TV signals from farther away. You will need to run cables from your outdoor antenna to the interior of your home in order to connect to your television. The following antennas listed are in no particular order. All antennas chosen for this review are recommended and better than average.

Regardless, all outdoor antennas listed below have specific elements to cater towards either VHF or UHF frequencies. While these antennas are generally well-regarded, your mileage may vary depending on your terrain, as well as other factors. We have had personal experience with many of these following antennas. Most are also highly recommended on the internet and other antenna forums, based in reviews and tests.