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Selecting An Antenna

Before you buy a digital antenna, check to see if your location is able to pick up any stations. You can find free over the air channels in your area by entering your address or zip code using the tool in the window below. Or you may go directly to the site here.

1. Enter your address or zip code and click Submit!
2. Check to see what station signals you can receive

If you do not see any stations due to a lack of tower or the geography of your location, an antenna would not help

Distance from tower
If you do see a list of station:
1. Click on the station to see where the broadcast tower is located relative to your location.
2. Click on the image of the tower to see the tower distance from you.

0-15 Miles: Regular indoor Antenna
0-25 Miles: Powerful Indoor/Outdoor short-range antenna
20-55 Miles: Outdoor medium-range antenna
50-70+ Miles: Outdoor long-range antenna

Direction of towers
Click on each of the channels to see which direction the towers are to you. If they are in different directions you will need a multi-directional antenna. Los Angeles, New York and Chicago all broadcast in one direction. You will only need a uni-directional antenna if you live in those cities.

After the digital conversion in 2010, most of the stations have substations such as 4.1 or 4.2 for additional programming such as weather. You can use the following TV Guide tool to see all of the subchannels available in your area.
• Start by entering your zipcode
• Click [Next] and select ANTENNA as your service type
• Now select the broadcast service provider
• You will also need to select None of the Above for premium channels since you will not be able to subscribe to them.

Personalized Antenna Request

This is a completely free, no obligation to purchase, request form. If you would like, you can submit the following information and we will provide you with a custom, personal antenna suggestion based on said factors. This suggestion can prove to be more accurate since we take multiple factors into account.



Phone Number:

Street Address:

Zip code:

Desired Channels:

Where will you install the antenna:

Additional Information:

Please enter the following code into the box provided: